About Lisa!

Lisa Elvin Staltari

Genealogy has been a passion for me since I was a little girl. For the last 10 years I have been focused on helping others find their roots and writing about genealogy.  My passion for both genealogy and travel have merged together in my blog, Have Roots, Will Travel, where I specialize in travel genealogy.  I continue to research and write constantly about family connections and history. 


Before genealogy attached itself to my hip (and truly will not let go!) I was a trainer, teacher and sales and marketing consultant.  I was also an Astrologer with a radio show and column. It's ironic really, because when I was an Astrologer, I would of course ask people their birth dates. As a Life Insurance Agent I would also have to ask that question.  And now finally as  a Genealogist, I get to ask that question again!

I also have written a fictional book  called Diary of a PTA Mom, which actually has a little bit of genealogy in it as well (but mostly it's a satirical view of small town life!). It is available at Amazon.com in a Kindle format.

I am originally from Drummondville, Quebec, Canada, and obtained my B.A. from Carleton University in Ottawa,Ontario.  In 1998 I "met" my husband online when he was in California and I in Quebec, By 2000, we were married and by 2001 we had our beautiful daughter Samantha. We recently relocated to Tucson, Arizona which truly is a little bit of Paradise.  

I belong to the Pima County Genealogical Society, and am currently the Membership Chair as well as Vice President.  I also belong to the Richmond County Historical Society, The Southern California Genealogical Society as well as the National Genealogy Society. 


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